Website Announcements

New Affiliates Page Added

I’ve recently added a new Affiliates Page to the website. This is mainly to generate some income in order to keep the website and podcast running, in the six months since the Paypal Donate button has been on the website none of the 12,500 + visitors to the site have used it, sponsors have dried up and I currently have only 5 patreons. Existing on disability benefits and the lack of income from the website or podcast means they are both extremely close to closing down and adding an Affiliate Page is the last throw of the dice.

I’d like to welcome my first affiliates, Smile Software, makers of the great TextExpander and PDFpen both of which are indispensable parts of my workflows. Please use these links if you are thinking of buying or subscribing to either of these products. Smile Software also offer a free trial of both TextExpander and PDFpen.

Recall your best words. Instantly, repeatedly.
PDFpenPro, Powerful Editing for Your Mac

As new affiliates are added I will post and let you know about them. There will not be hundreds of links and included links will have a relevance to to the Apple or Tech world.

I hope you find this new page useful and are able to use is in order to help keep the Mac Quad website and Mac Quadcast podcast running.