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About Me

Welcome, I’m Darren and have been a Mac user in the UK since 1989.  As well as using a Mac I am totally immersed in the Apple eco-system  (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.). I also have an interest in many other technology products e.g. Amazon Echo, Sonos, Bose and to a lesser extent Microsoft. 

I’m completely paralysed from the neck down and also ventilated so access my computer system via a headset that emulates a mouse, a sip/puff switch and an onscreen keyboard.  With this set up I am able to use virtually any Mac application and over so many years have become proficient at troubleshooting Mac Hardware, Software and Network problems. 

I am a graduate of the London School of Economics (many years ago) with a degree in Government and have many interests outside the world of technology (Sport, Movies, Music, Books, etc.). 

I hope The Mac Quad website will build into a valuable resource.  So if you have any hints or tips you would like to share please email me with them or if you have any problems that you think I may have an insight into please let me know.  It’s always great to hear from fellow Tech geeks and users.