Website: Bartender

Price: $15.00

Free Trial: Yes (4 Weeks)

Bartender is a must have menu bar utility for anybody who uses a laptop and finds that screen real-estate is at a premium.  If you use even a few menu bar utilities inevitably, if you have a 13 inch MacBook Pro, like myself the icons for those utilities will disappear behind the menu options for the program you are using rendering the utilities you have invested your hard earned cash into completely inaccessible and useless.

Bartender solves the problem of inaccessible menu bar utilities.  It gives you a second row of icons that is viewed and used by clicking on the bartender icon.  The user chooses which utilities they put in this second row from within the bartender preferences and it can include the macOS default menu bar apps such as the Wi-Fi Utility and The Bluetooth Utility.

I keep my least used utilities in there such as the afore mentioned Bluetooth Utility, Alfred (always accessible via a keyboard shortcut), PopClip and more.  If you have Dropbox or other cloud services enabled but wish to know when they are updating you can still keep them in the bartender row but use a setting in the bartender preferences to have them briefly display in the main menu bar when they update.

As stated above this is a must have app for everyone with limited screen real-estate but it is extremely useful on larger screens.  I also use it on my 27 inch iMac to hide menu bar icons that I only rarely need to access, maybe I’m a little too obsessive with my desktop being tidy and efficient!

Bartender is a great menu bar app and at £11.92 UK or $15.00 US is a valuable addition to anybody’s Mac.