Activate Siri By Voice On A Mac

Welcome to my first screencast on The Mac Quad. In this post I will show you how to activate Siri by voice on a Mac, making it much easier for mobility impaired users to access the features of Siri on a Mac.


Text Walkthrough

Go to System Preferences click the Siri icon and Enable Siri.

  • Previously to enable Siri voice activation on the Mac you needed to add a Keyboard Shortcut, this is no longer the case.

  • I prefer to have Siri in the Menu Bar but not in the Dock

Go to System Preferences click the Keyboard icon then choose the Dictation tab. Turn Dictation on and click the checkbox to Use Enhanced Dictation. (this may initiate a download of a file if you have not used Enhanced Dictation previously.

Go to System Preferences click the Accessibility icon, in the left panel select Dictation and then click the checkbox Enable the dictation keyword phrase.

  • I keep my trigger word as Computer.

  • At this point you can click on Dictation Commands and in the left panel scroll down and in the System section make sure the Start Siri option is checked. If you are unable to see this command make sure Enable advanced commands is checked.

You can now activate Siri by simply saying “Computer Start Siri”.