Auto Turn Book Pages in iOS

Welcome to a new screencast on The Mac Quad. In this post I will show you how to have iOS auto turn your pages in a book, making it much easier for motor impaired users to read an ebook.


Text Walkthrough

How to auto turn pages in a book on iOS

  • Select Settings
  • Ensure General is selected the tap Accessibility 
  • Flick down and tap on Accessibility Shortcut
  • Tap on Voice Over
  • Go back to main accessibility screen
  • Flick up and tap on Voice Over
  • Drag Speaking Rate to between one quarter and one third
  • Return to Homepage
  • Launch iBooks
  • Choose book
  • Once on the page you wish to start at triple click home button, Voice Over is now activated
  • Start continuous reading by doing a two finger swipe down
  • Turn iOS volume down to zero
  • When Voice Over reaches the end of the page it will turn
  • To stop Voice Over and auto page turn triple click home button
  • You can return to the homepage as usual

I hope this video has enabled you to get more out of your iOS device and made reading books easier.