iTunes Playlist Folders

Organise your iTunes playlists into folders.

Do you have so many playlists in iTunes that it's a pain to keep flicking through to get to the one you want?  There is a way to reduce the amount of time taken to get to you desired playlist, yes you can use the search facility or tell Siri to play it but there is also the option to organise your playlists into playlist folders.

In iTunes on your main system click on one of the existing smart playlist e.g. Recently Added then go to the File menu > New and select Playlist Folder.  A new folder will appear above your smart playlists named 'untitled playlist' which you can rename to whatever is appropriate.  Once this is done simply drag the playlists you want into the folder.  Do this process for as many folders as you need to organise your playlists.

If you have Apple Music or iTunes Match these folders will synchronise across all of your associated devices.  If, however, you synchronise via plugging in your iOS device to your main iTunes computer they will synchronise just as well.

You now have an easy way of organising multiple playlists.