Disable Downloads Automatically Opening on Safari

Just a very small piece of security advice.  If you are using Safari make sure that downloads are not automatically opened once they have completed. Even though Safari considers certain file types to be “safe” (PDFs, Movies, Pictures, etc.)  there is still a risk that these files can contain Malware. By not having downloads automatically open any accidental download or suspicious file can be checked prior to being opened. 

How To
Load in Safari and click on Safari in the menu bar, in the drop down menu select preferences.  A preference box will be shown and then select the General tab at the top of this box, the image below should be visible (img.1). Once this is on the screen simply make sure the Open “safe” files after downloading box is unchecked. Downloaded files will no longer be automatically opened. 



When you download a file from a reliable source you will have to double click to open it but this extra step is, in my view, worthwhile for a little extra security.