Smart Speaker

Amazon Alexa Web Portal

Have you received or purchased an Amazon Smart Speaker recently?

A very quick tip, according to reports many will have received a smart speaker as a gift over the holiday period and one of the best selling smart speakers is the Amazon range including the Echo and Dot. By now they have probably all been set up using the Alexa App for iOS or Android and setting have been adjusted on these devices.

There is another way to adjust the settings and adding skills etc. on your new Echo or Dotwhich is via the Amazon Alexa web portal. Being paralysed from the neck down I find it much easier to to browse and change setting via my Mac and not a mobile device, other able bodied users may find the convenience of a web portal an added bonus. Just visit in the UK or in the USA log into your account and all of the settings for your Alexa device will be available to you.

This is another way of controlling your Alexa smart speaker.