Task Management


Website: Todoist

Price: Basic Free - Premium $28.99 per year

Task management is a subject that consumes many column inches in technology blogs and numerous minutes in Mac podcasts. The general consensus being that OmniFocus is the go to application for all task management needs. I however, have come to a different conclusion. Yes, I think that OmniFocus is an amazing piece of software for major project management (I will always open it up if I have a big project I am working on) but I find it quite unwieldy for basic day to day tasks, to do lists, shopping lists, etc. Reminders is great for shopping lists but a basic feature, repeating events, is not included. Therefore, I have been looking for an application to fill this middle ground and is where Todoist more than excels. 

At a basic level Todoist is a to do list application with all the features you would expect, such as the ability to add projects and then add tasks within those project, add dates, add times and have notifications but there are several things that make Todoist stand out. The first thing that grabbed me was the look of the application, it is completely integrated with the look and feel of macOS Sierra and at first glance looks basic and unintimidating (an intimidating look is an issue many people have with OmniFocus) but this friendly user interface belies vast power underneath the hood which becomes apparent once the user begins to dig deeper. After the initial download from the Mac App Store there is a brief registration process primarily to enable sync of your tasks between multiple devices and platforms, then you are ready to go without spending anything, yes the basic applications and service is free. 

As stated previously I was looking for a task management application for day to day events, so as a technology geek I like to charge up my external batteries once a month to make sure I'm not caught with a flat battery while out and about, so I wanted a monthly recurring task to remember to do this. The Todoist interface made this simple, I added a Technology project and then clicked one button within the project to add a task, typed the description of the task and then, a feature I love, in natural language added when it should be a task e.g. Every month starting on 4th June 2015 and my recurring task was added. I now have separate projects for my different recurring tasks as well a To Do project in order to add one off tasks. These tasks can be added, completed, changed around and altered anywhere as Todoist has apps and access across multiple platforms, I have used the Mac App, the iOS App and the browser interface and the syncing between them has been without a hitch, there is also an Apple Watch App.

There is much more to this application and service than basic task management though. For a subscription of $28.99 per year numerous additions are opened up. The ability to collaborate on shared projects and tasks with up to 25 family members, friends or work colleagues, to send tasks to your task inbox via an email address, to add files and notes to tasks, to add labels and filters to your tasks and projects as well as have reminders (including location based). 

For Mac and iOS users there is the benefit of a today widget on both and notifications so that tasks are not easily missed.

My search began looking for a middle of the road task management application but what I found in Todoist was an extremely powerful application/service which is simple and unintimidating to use, is reliable and looks great. What more could anybody want from a task management system.