iMazing Giveaway Winners

A blind draw was made today with all of the entries that I received for the iMazing Giveaway entered,the three winners were:




Congratulations to the three winners, hope you enjoy the software and find it as useful as I do.

Thank you to everyone at DigiDNA (the makers of iMazing) for generously providing the three copies of iMazing and also, thank you to everyone who took the time to enter.

iMazing Giveaway

The iMazing Giveaway has now closed

This week I have been very kindly given three Single iMazing 2 Licenses by my friends at DigiDNA to give away. If you have read my post about how to Use iMazing to Check the Health of an iPhone Battery you will be aware of some of the features available in the full version of iMazing but there is so much to this great piece of software.

iMazing 2 is for personal iOS device management, empowering users to simply do more with their Apple devices. It has been downloaded by over 10M users and is the number one software to transfer and save music, messages, and data from any iOS device to a computer. iMazing 2 introduced a safer way to back up, backups are automatically archived, so that digital memories are safe, and browsable in just a few clicks. It works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod models, on both Mac and PC.

Key Features

  • Old iPhone to a new one

It's easy to copy the content of any iPhone or iPad to a new one. Users can choose what data and apps they want to save and transfer.

  • Safe backups on any Mac or PC

Any iOS device can be securely backed up via WiFi or USB. Backups can also be browsed and edited before being restored.

  • Simple message transfers

Text messages, MMS, iMessages and attachments can be safely stored on any computer. Conversations can then be browsed and printed.

  • Easy access to music, photos and videos

Media files can be moved between any iPhone or iPad and a computer. Favourite pictures, homemade videos and music can be saved and shared, without using iCloud or iTunes.

Further Features

  • Full iOS 10 and 11 support
  • A time machine for iPhone
  • Battery health check
  • Photos to Device
  • Console and Logs
  • Manage iBooks
  • Install iOS
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Backups
  • Download and Manage Apps

As stated above I have three Single iMazing 2 Licenses to give away each of which is worth £34.99 and gives access to a License for 1 computer (Mac or PC), All iMazing 2.x updates and 24/7 support.

All you need to do to enter for a chance to win one of these licenses is to use the link below to send me an email with iMazing Giveaway in the Subject Line, please only one entry per person.

The iMazing Giveaway has now closed

I will conduct a blind draw to determine the three winners.

All entries must be in by 09.00 GMT on Thursday 8th March 2018. Winners will be posted on the website over the weekend of 10th & 11th March, I will also contact the three winners by email over the same weekend.

Thank you to everyone at iMazing by DigiDNA for their generosity in providing these codes. If you are not lucky enough to win please visit the iMazing website and see what this great piece of software can offer you.

Good Luck,

The Mac Quad

Check iPhone Battery Health With iMazing

With recent news about Apple throttling the speed on older iPhones with batteries that are degraded and the subsequent announcement that they have put in place a program to replace any battery in an iPhone 6 or later that requires it for £25.00 instead of £79.00 (see Apple’s Message) it is probably the appropriate time to check your iPhone’s battery health.

There are not, in my view, any reliable apps installable on iOS that will show the health of the battery due to the fact Apple does not make this information available to owners or third party apps. However, there is a great program that works on Mac and PC that can give this information, it is iMazing, which I have been using for several years.

The program iMazing ( is £34.99 for a single machine license but offers so much more than just checking an iPhone’s battery. Other features include copying media between your iOS devices and your Mac or PC, app management (not possible in the latest version of iTunes), backup your iOS device and selectively restore information for specific apps, save and browse also print your iPhone messages, access the file system on your iOS device and much more.

The primary focus of this post is check the battery health of the iPhone and if you choose to use iMazing the process extremely quick and easy.

How To
Once iMazing is purchased and installed, launch it and plug your iPhone into your Mac or PC via the Lightning to USB cable, the window displayed is relevant to your individual OS device. Now click on the battery icon in the lower right of this window (img.1).



The battery information is then shown in a pop up window which can be scrolled to show further battery statistics (img.2).



Battery health is clearly shown and further down the number of charge cycles is displayed, which is a good indication whether your battery is becoming degraded, the average life of an iPhone battery is 400 - 500 charge cycles.

This will give a good indication if you need to take your iPhone in and request a battery replacement under the £25.00 program.