Home Screens

iPhone Home Screen

We all have different ways of organising our apps and keeping what is important to us handy on our iPhone Home Screens and by way of introducing this new blog I thought sharing mine may be interesting. The screen shot below shows how my home screen looks today, however, it probably won’t be long before it changes.

Many people like to keep a minimal home screen or follow the latest trend of leaving the lower row empty but as you can see I don’t subscribe to either of these ideas. I like to have my most used and favourite apps in easy reach.



The screen shot (img.1) has some Apple default apps on the top row and I’m sure there is no need for me to explain what these are or what they do. My folder row comes next, the folders on my home screen only contain one page of apps, once again for quick access. My Personal folder contains two of my must have apps OmniFocus (for task management) I do also use Apple’s Reminders but mainly for shopping lists etc. and 1Password (my password manager that I could not live without). The Social folder is pretty self explanatory as are my News and Sport folders.

Next are some productivity utilities, I’ve used several note apps including Notebooks, Evernote and Bear but have now reverted to Apple Notes since it’s recent enhancements. Ulysses is a great writing app and is where many of the posts for The Mac Quad will start. Drafts is an app for quickly capturing small amounts of text and shipping them off to different places once you’ve decided where they need to be. Lastly on that row Scanner Pro is my favourite document scanning utility with excellent capture and export options.

Starting with Sky Go are some entertainment and video apps followed by Audible and Apple’s Podcasts app, two of my most used apps. I love audiobooks, being paralysed it is much easier to listen to audio than access a physical book or continuously be looking at a screen to use an ebook. I listen to many podcasts and after using many different podcast apps have settled on the native Apple one for about 6 months, maybe not feature rich but recently the sync to iTunes has been extremely stable and enables me to organise my podcasts on the Mac. The audio theme continues with the Economist app, my main news subscription, which includes a complete audio version of the printed edition. I think everyone is aware of Sonos while Radioplayer is predominantly for UK stations. Many people complain about Apple’s Music app but I find it easy to use and as an Apple Music subscriber fully integrated.

Lastly comes the obvious Phone, Messages and Mail apps, I’ve tried several third party email clients such as Airmail and Spark but despite it’s limitations find Mail the most reliable. My current calendar app is Fantastical which now boasts travel time.

I hope this gives some ideas for apps and it would be great to her from you about your home screens.