Great Links

New MacSparky Keyboard Maestro Field Guide

David Sparks (Mac Power Users) has added a new Field Guide to his video learning website, the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide will help you master one of the top automation tools on the Mac and includes 76 lovingly crafted screencasts totaling over 4 hours of content. Each tutorial includes a full transcript and closed captioning. Where appropriate, the tutorials also include downloadable Keyboard Maestro scripts that you can install and run alongside the video. Get it for a great price of $34.80.

New MacSparky OmniFocus Field Guide

Earlier this month I posted that David Sparks (Mac Power Users) had launched a video learning website ( which has loads of content to raise your game on macOS and iOS. Well he has already added a new Field Guide, the OmniFocus Field Guide will help you master one of the top task management applications around and covers the new OmniFocus releases. Get it for a limited introductory price of $24.00.

Learn Online At MacSparky Field Guides

Do you want to improve how you use your Mac, iPhone or iPad? Well, head over to MacSparky Field Guides where David Sparks will help you achieve it. It’s free to sign up and there are even some free courses, such as the Workflow Field Guide, the Drafts Field Guide and the Bonus Content from the Automators podcast. There is also paid content like both volumes of 60 Mac Tips, the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide and much more.