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iOS 12.1.4 To Be Released

Apple have announced that iOS 12.1.4 will be released next week. This patch is essential for anybody running iOS 12.1 or later as it will fix a FaceTime bug that enabled other iPhone or iPad users to activate a FaceTime call without the consent of the person receiving the call, thus, giving the ability to listen in on the other iOS user.

Nuance Discontinues Dragon Professional Individual for Mac

Nuance have announced that as of 22nd October they will be discontinuing Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, their website states that “Dragon Professional Individual for Mac is being discontinued effective 10/22/2018 and will no longer be available for purchase”. This is a massive retrograde step for accessibility as there are no other options for hands free dictation apart from the basic feature built into macOS.

Apple Publicly Opposes Australia's Proposed Anti-Encryption Law

Apple have submitted a seven page document opposing the Australian government’s plan to introduce The Access and Assistance Bill which would see their iMessage service accessible by government agencies. Apple said “rather than protecting citizens from online criminal behaviour, the changes could undermine the privacy and security of smartphone users”.

Apple Donates $1m To Indonesian Earthquake & Tsunami Relief

Only weeks after their $1m donation to the Kerala flood relief fund in India and $1m donation to the Hurricane Florence Relief fund, Apple have donated $1m to the relief effort in Indonesia due to the Earthquake & Tsunami. Tim Cook said on Twitter “Our hearts go out to the people of Sulawesi and all of Indonesia after this weekend’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Apple is donating $1 million to aid relief efforts as this beautiful country starts to rebuild.”.

iTunes with App Store Incompatible with Mojave

Many are unaware the shortly after Apple removed the App Store from iTunes it released a special version of iTunes that retained the App Store, primarily for “certain business partners”. However, if you are currently making use of this special version of iTunes you may want to hold off upgrading to Mojave as it is currently incompatible with the most recent macOS release. There is no information, at present, as to if or when this version of iTunes will be made compatible.

Apple Watch Series 4 - Fall Detection Off By Default

The new fall detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 is off by default unless the user has set their date of birth in the Health app and is over 65. After hearing from a disabled user yesterday who will be using this feature while transferring to their wheelchair I thought awareness that this feature needs to be enabled for under 65s is essential.

Apple Donate $1M To Hurricane Florence Relief

Following their recent $1M donation to the Kerala flood relief fund in India Apple have now donated $1M to the Hurricane Florence Relief fund. Hurricane Florence recently made landfall in North Caroline and has caused catastrophic damage. Tim Cook said on Twitter “The Carolinas are in our hearts. To our employees there, first responders and everyone in Hurricane Florence’s path, please stay safe.”.